Earlier this summer we celebrated the baptism of a teenager in our church. Here's his story.

Mario's story is our story. He's been involved in our church before it even became Soma. Before we merged together into one congregation, our teenagers were meeting together for over a year. Baptism is an amazing symbol of what God does in the life of a person, and when we celebrate baptism in our church it's an amazing symbol of what God is doing in our community. We live in a city that has people from all different cultures and languages and ways of life, and we aim to be a reflection of the city in which we live. 

But our ultimate goal is to see life change. We long for every meeting, every gathering, every interaction to be a recognition of the things God is doing our lives together. We believe in a God of forgiveness. We believe in a God who makes things new. We believe in a God who changes lives. 

This is why we celebrate.