We Are Soma

This Easter Sunday, we celebrated the launch of our new church, Soma Tupelo. But, it was more than a launch. We've existed as two churches who meet in the same building for years—Origins and Huerto de Mi Padre—seperated only by the primary languages we speak. We met regularly together, singing and teaching in Spanish and English, but the more we met the more we realized the two churches needed to become one. After all, we are one in the body of Christ. 


So this Sunday we didn't meet together for the first time, we simply celebrated that we would be meeting together every Sunday from now on, and doing life together, across the lines of language, during the week.

We hope to impact the divisive nature of our community and country but showing that our divisions don't divide us. 

We met at Fairpark Tupelo for a beautiful East Service (as is our combined tradition), but if you are interested in a bilingual worship experience, we meet every Sunday at 11 a.m. at 499 Gloster Creek Village, Suite D-3.