What is Soma?

The idea for Soma began when two churches were planted out of The Orchard. The two churches, one English and one Spanish met separately for years in our current meeting space. A partnership developed between our two churches to share resources and occasionally come together for worship. From that, an idea was born. What if we didn't have to meet separately?  What if we did this every week?

So here we are. Soma Church is a multi-ethnic, bilingual congregation. Throughout the scriptures are images of people from different nations, languages, and backgrounds all in worship together. Many cultures, one body. We long to embody that idea in everything we do. 

We are a group of different people brought together under the banner of being UNASHAMEDLY CHRISTIAN, living and serving in close COMMUNITY, where we CARE for each other and those around us through the love of Christ. This is who we are. This is what we do. We are Soma.

We meet 11am Sunday mornings in the center of Tupelo in Gloster Creek Village.  

499 Gloster Creek Village, Suite D-3  Tupelo, MS  38801.  


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